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:: /|/|!x3|) . 7_()/|/3 ::
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied

I am mitoXD

or preferably mito for short, and can go crazy about nearly everything regarding arts and design. And that’s why I like so much visiting vernissages, exhibitions, and watching documentaries about arts – or spending hours at dA!

Besides, I love sitting in cafés and to read, write or draw … or taking photos … or creating visual styles …

As I am spending lots of time in front of my machines, I badly need customization: It is the first step to get the beast(s) tamed! And though I consider myself to be more the Linux guy, I change to the “dark side of Windows” every now and then. I also prefer to keep my desktop minimal and to set up my own, rather than using a DE.

What can be seen in my output as well as in my collections here at dA is of course heavily influenced by my fields of interests. These are focused on (but not limited to) my favourite subject, which is Asia, and Korea in particular. They also include every day as well as cultural topics from communication, linguistics, and typography to arts and literature, and sometimes are a bit nerdy, too.

For the digital part, my main tools of choice are the latest versions of
  • Arch Linux as my favourite OS
  • GIMP and imagemagick for image creation and manipulation
  • LaTeX with PStricks and other extensions, scribus, LibreOffice, vim (and sometimes emacs for testing) for DTP and typography business

For my “analog stuff,” pens and sketchbook often suffice. And I’m steadily improving my photography skills.

so far is told fast. However, it began about a year ago, when I finally had the heart to join dA and to shyly upload some decent screenshots – like those I saw when following the dA links included in the sig of fellow Linux users’ comments. But I thought: Hey, I can do that easily myself!

 Legacy Arch xmd-xmas11-1 (December 2011) by mitoXD  (1)           (2)  Legacy Arch wmfs-xmb-2 (September 2011) by mitoXD
Image (1) shows a former desktop view at Xmas time with nice colorful features like that fancy prompt in an X terminal. Loading the funny wallpaper was the easiest part though. – (2) is one of my favorites, because it includes a shadowed frame, and documents the progress of top bar’s the layout.

Despite my preference of the free GNU/Linux OS, I still occasionally also used the outdated Windows XP, e.g. as a virtual machine; as I dislike the boring Explorer desktop, I tweaked it like hell as well, and mostly Linux-like. For this purpose I turned the free popular Litestep shell into action, which also got countless themes. Shot (3) shows XP running with the “Rusty” theme, one of my all time favorites – its metallic looks has a taste of Steampunk.
Legacy Arch xmd-vm-2-lsrusty (July 2011) by mitoXD  (3)           (4) Waiting4XP by mitoXD
Though it was at the twilight of XP, I felt the urge of manipulting its boot screen, too. Though only 16 colors are allowed, due to some restrictions it was by far not trivial to set the palettes for some good looking creations. IMHO preview (4) shows the best one. It is also the most popular deviation of mine at the moment.

Coming from typography and illustration, my submissions until now generally contain textual and graphically designed elements. And since one of my major fields of interests is East Asia and Korea in particular, they often include C(hinese)J(apanese)K(orean) characters.

I wrote a book about practical typesetting with the free typesetting system LaTeX (in German) a couple of years ago, which hasn’t been published yet. This system is mainly aimed at academic users, and totally different from ordinary office programs. Hence many of the LaTeX-generated deviations in my “Typodrome” gallery contain extensive descriptions and link lists. – The following shots (5) to (7)  demonstrate the multilingual capabilities:
Return of the Phoenix by mitoXD (5)           (6) Flying Dragons Song by mitoXD              (7) D-K-indexes by mitoXD

This project is almost complete now. And meanwhile I even made it into webdesign. – However, I am more thirsty now for arts, traditional as well as digital, painting, photography, collage and more. And I just can’t wait to realize my visions!

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